Reaching Our Military

Baptist Missions To Forgotten Peoples, Inc. has a large ministry with our Armed Forces. Please pray for the men and women who are bravely defending our freedom during this trying time for our country.

On September 11, 2001, our country, as well as the entire world changed forever. Terrorists invaded the United States on our own soil and brought fear to millions of people worldwide.

Since that day, the brave men and women that make up our Armed Forces have been placed on alert and even mobilized into battle. These men and women have sacrificed their lives and families for the protection of freedom. They make up the greatest military unit in the world and now are called upon to protect our great nation as well as the rest of the free world.

In the middle of all this change, missionaries from Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples remain at their posts as ministers to our Armed Forces. These soldiers of the cross have faithfully remained ”on duty” scattered around the world close to different military bases and facilities. As our soldiers prepare to fight in the battle, our missionaries are there for prayer, support, and encouragement.