Personal Thoughts

Many times while in personal devotions or studying in preparation for sermons, the Lord has given me some thoughts that would speak to my heart. Oft times it would be a Bible verse that the Lord would use to bring personal blessings to my soul. Other times the Lord would give me thoughts that later I would use in messages to challenge Christians in their daily walk with Him. The following are some of the items that I have written in the front of my Bible. Those marked with my initials (meb) are personal.

”And God is able.” II Cor. 9:8

”Lord, help me live simply, so others may simply live.”

”For God maketh my heart soft.” Job 23:16

”What are you doing personally to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?” (meb)

”Faith puts us on the giving side of Christianity and not on the receiving side.” (meb) 6/11/1995

”God would have never given us a command to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ without giving us a plan to fulfill that command.” (meb) 3/20/1996

”Mission giving is a heart decision.” II Cor. 9:7 (meb)

From the middle verse in the Bible – ”It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Psalm 118:8

”Sometimes tragedy has to come before we can see the Lord.” (meb) from reference Isaiah 6:1

”If we can trust God for saving faith, why do we have trouble trusting Him for sustaining faith?” (meb) 8/9/1997

”Christ wants to do a work in us so He can do a work through us.” (meb) 7/15/1998

”Peace comes through the mind to the heart.” (meb) 9/24/1998

”Faith Promise is an expression of my love and trust in God.” (meb) 10/4/1998

”God is not an absentee landlord!” (meb) 10/14/1998

”The Holy Spirit was not given for enjoyment; He was given for employment in His service.” (meb)

”Not all are called to the mission field but all are commanded to the field of missions.” (meb) 9/11/1998

”Quit looking for the supply and look to the Source of the supply.” (meb) 9/26/1999

”Does what you are doing for the Lord take faith to do it?” (meb) 9/15/2001

”You cannot walk in the way of the world and experience the Will of God for your life.” (meb) 5/23/2001

”To know the mind of God is to know the Word of God.” (meb) 5/23/2001

”Devotion always precedes duty.” (meb) 11/9/2001

”The Lord is an abundant God that gives abundant life.” (meb) 9/15/2002

”God wants a church the world cannot explain.” (meb) 1/17/2003

”God, do not just take my money, take me!” (meb) 2/16/2003

”What are you letting God do through you that you do not have the ability to do yourself?” (meb) 3/16/2004

”What you give God is not a matter of what you have. It is a matter of your relationship with Him!” (meb)

”God does not want your money, He wants you. When He gets you He has everything He needs to reach a world that is lost and dying.” (meb)

”Partial obedience is disobedience.” (meb)

”Obedience Is Faith In Action.” (meb)

”Leave your will at Calvary.” (meb)

”The Will of God is not a road map, it is a relationship between you and your Saviour!” (meb)

“When the problems of your life are over your head, remember Jesus prayers are always answered. He is making intersession for you.” Roman 8:34 (meb) 11/5/2008

“There is no expiration date on your dreams.” (meb) ~ Paul said, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13